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Ballast best suited to steel sleepers is: (a) sand (b) Gravel (c) Quartzite (d) All the above Ans:- CThe latest system of signaling introduced is:(a) c.t.c. System (b) pilot guard system(c) section clear system (d) auto-lock of SystemAns: A Last pick volition be free on the meritoriousness spatial relation Obtaining in the second leg examination.

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The maximum rising gradient that will be deployed to in terms of the power of the locomotive called(a) is momentum gradient (b) pusher gradient(c) down gradient (d) ruling GradientAns: D

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The members laid transversely under the rails for supporting and fixing them at the gauge distance apart are known as: (a) fastenings (b) sleepers (c) ballast (d) fish plate Ans:- B

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RRB railway question paper solved 2011 recruitment PapersRailway recruitment question papers with answer 2011-PDF question paper of RRB solved 2011 free...Where is the Institute of railway Indians of Civil Engineering Institute located? January 15, 1958 (b) 15 Jan, 1955, 2 January 1956 14 April 1952 years:-.

The limiting value of super elevation of board gauge in Indian Railways is:(a) 16.50 cm (b) 30 cm (c) 15 cm (d) 10 cmAns : AThe manufacturing of steam engine in Chittranjan Locomotive Works was stopped in (a) 1974 (b) 1961 (c) 1971 (d) 1973 Ans:- C

What is the length of North-Eastern frontier railway (NEFR)? The staggered rails joints are usually provided on: (a) Bridge (b) Curves (c) Branching (d) Tangents Ans : BThe latest system of signaling introduced is: (a) C.T.C. system (b) pilot guard system (c) section clear system (d) automatic block system Ans : A The free material outspread on the constitution of a railroad running for the sleepers to rest upon is known as: (a) anchors (b) ballast (c) subgrade (d) chairs Ans:- B